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 understanding the situation and public opinion of the village and doing practical things for the masses

Release time: July 7, 2020 09:52 source: guiyang.com Guiyang daily

Gong Rongping (left) asks villagers' opinions on economic development in Kuilin village.

"When I get to Kuilin village, I am from Kuilin village. As a village cadre, it is my greatest wish to serve the villagers well. As long as the villagers are satisfied, I will be happy. " In 2018, Gong Rongping, deputy chief of the economic services section of the administrative examination and approval Bureau of Gui'an new area, volunteered to participate in the poverty alleviation work in Kuilin village, Dangwu town. Over the past two years, he has visited more than 1000 villagers, asked about the situation and public opinion of the village, coordinated various kinds of assistance funds of more than 600000 yuan, helped Kuilin village to build branch roads and inter household roads, developed customized agriculture, revitalized idle resources, and carried out solid poverty alleviation and well-off village work.

In August 2018, Gong Rongping came to Kuilin village of Dangwu town as a village cadre. From the first day of entering the village, he, together with other members of the team and cadres of the two committees of the village branch, visited poor households, rural low-income families, dilapidated houses, elderly households, veteran party members, and rich experts.

"The first thing to do in the village is to visit the villagers and get familiar with the situation, so as to know what to do next." Gong Rongping said. In order to get familiar with the situation of Kuilin village as soon as possible, he communicated with the villagers face-to-face in the courtyard and field every day after he settled in the village, asking the villagers for suggestions and opinions on economic development and social stability.

In October 2018, some villagers reported that there was a potential safety hazard in the branch road of tongzui road in Kuilin village. Gong Rongping immediately went to check and found that the narrowest part of the branch road was less than one meter wide, and there was a slope nearby, which was easy to cause accidents. Immediately, he contacted the assistance unit Gui'an New Area Electronic Technology Vocational and technical college, and coordinated the assistance fund of 140000 yuan to build the branch road, benefiting more than 20 households of villagers.

During the Spring Festival in 2019, when he learned that the drinking water pump in Dazhai village of Kuilin village was in trouble, Gong Rongping contacted the National Security Bureau of Gui'an new area to coordinate the replacement of a new water pump with 24000 yuan.

In March 2020, after learning that the outdoor pavement of Kuilin village needs to be hardened, but the fund is difficult, Gong Rongping contacted the support unit to coordinate the assistance fund of 25000 yuan, so that the hardening project can be implemented smoothly.

"Since the cadres stationed in the village came to our village, not only have street lamps been installed in the village, but also the hardened roads have become wider and smoother." Han Xiaocui, a villager in group 5 of Kuilin village, said that people in the village now call Gong Rongping "brother Gong" and "Xiao Gong". No matter what is important or small, everyone likes to look for him, and he will help everyone every time.

"Our purpose in the village is to better serve everyone. We are duty bound to help solve the villagers' difficulties." Gong Rongping said. During his stay in the village, in addition to helping the villagers solve their life problems, he has also been planning to cultivate the pillar industries of Kuilin village to get rid of poverty, so that all the villagers can live a good life.

To achieve stable poverty alleviation, the development of industry is the key. Kuilin village is located in the secondary water source protection area of Songbaishan reservoir. According to the development concept of "two refined and three modernizations" in Gui'an New District, and combined with the actual situation of Kuilin village, Gong Rongping proposed to carry out customized agricultural projects, activate idle resources and maximize benefits.

In 2020, Gong Rongping organized the implementation of customized rice, QQ farm, house rental and customized pepper projects, and applied to the administrative approval Bureau of Gui'an new area for the construction of supporting facilities for QQ farm project of more than 19000 yuan. Up to now, Kuilin village has ordered more than 15 mu of customized rice, and QQ farm has ordered more than 5 mu. The housing rental and customized pepper projects are in orderly progress.

In order to help the villagers find jobs, Gong Rongping contacted the construction industry training school in Gui'an New District to carry out vocational skills training in the construction industry for the employable villagers to enhance their labor skills and realize "employment assistance". At present, a total of 36 villagers have been trained and helped, and 10 villagers have obtained relevant qualification certificates such as electrician and safety officer. In addition, Gong Rongping implemented the mode of "professional manager + cooperative + poor households" in the village, helped Kuilin village set up a construction labor company, took 47 pairs of poor households as the main members, selected the personnel with engineering construction experience and company management ability as the company's management personnel, and increased the employment opportunities of villagers with the company's "hematopoietic" mode Will continue to improve the economic income of villagers.

During his two years' work in the village, Gong Rongping was deeply concerned about the fundamental interests of the villagers and worked with them to solve the problems of travel, drinking water and employment. Now, mention Gong Rongping, Kuilin villagers all thumbs up.

On July 1, 2020, Gong Rongping won the title of "Excellent Communist Party member of the whole city in poverty alleviation" at the "July 1" commendation meeting of Guiyang City in 2020.

Gong Rongping said that in the next step, we will further play the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members, make up for weak points, develop characteristic industries, strengthen the collective economy of Kuilin village, increase the employment income of villagers, and continuously consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation.

(photo / text by Xie menghang, financial media reporter of Guiyang daily)
















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