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Push and press method: the massaged person takes off his coat and socks, relieves his trouser belt, releases pressure all over his body, lies on his side beside the bed, and covers his back with pure cotton cloth sheet to prevent sticking and slipping. The beauty seeker stands in the bedroom bed, first with the right palm root and thenar in the spine and both sides, from top to bottom push and massage to the waist, light and heavy appropriate repeated 10 times. Then use two thumbs along the spine, in the order of cone, from the first thoracic spine spinous process just started, quite malleable rhythmic light press, from the top to the waist, in the same way on both sides of the spine 1 ~ 2 inches to carry out massage. The latest address of Guiyang nightlife

When there is nerve numbness, the condition of corresponding organs may be more serious, but blind pursuit of pain is easy to make people ignore the numb parts. On the other hand, only when a person's healthy qi is sufficient, can the heavy and slow massage method be applied, which is called catharsis, otherwise, the light and fast massage method should be used.

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2. If you take a sauna immediately after a meal, especially after a full meal for half an hour, it will cause the blood vessels of the skin to dilate and the blood flow back to the skin, which will affect the blood supply of other organs and cause indigestion, which is not good for physical and mental health. 3. When overworked or hungry. Fatigue and starvation, the human body muscle tension is poor, cold and heat stimulation tolerance are reduced, easy to cause collapse.

2. After a meal, especially half an hour after a full meal, take a sauna immediately after the meal, the skin blood vessels dilate, a large number of blood flow back to the skin, affecting the blood supply of digestive organs, is bound to affect the digestion and absorption of food, adverse to health.

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3. Foot massage can prevent cancer and detoxification. Science has proved that saliva can prevent cancer. And massage Yongquan point, saliva will continue to gush out, the patient a small mouth a small mouth slowly swallow, good for the body. In addition, after foot massage, drink a cup of cold water to detoxify. According to the medical theory: foot therapy promotes blood circulation. After drinking water, it not only replenishes water, but also enhances the excretion of waste toxins. Kidney function can be improved, metabolism is normal, and people appear light and normal.

The benefits of foot therapy are recorded as follows: 1. Improving blood circulation: the warming effect of water can expand blood vessels and increase skin temperature, So as to promote the blood circulation of the foot and the whole body.

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In Europe, America, Japan and other advanced countries for many years, large intestine hydrotherapy has been recognized and accepted by more and more Chinese people in recent years. Many people who have received hydrotherapy have achieved unexpected health care effects. Practice has proved that we are not blindly following. The latest address of Guiyang nightlife

A few continuous rain, people began to miss the dry and mild summer, if you can enter the sauna at this time to steam and dry, the mood and weather will clear up again.

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Efficacy sauna can promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, decompose and consume excessive fat, improve the function of various tissue systems, and accelerate the excretion of lactic acid and other metabolites and toxic and harmful substances in the body. The latest address of Guiyang nightlife

Moxa stick made of moxa leaf as the main raw material can treat wind cold dampness arthralgia, muscle numbness and other diseases through fumigation and moxibustion. In the busy modern city, men are burdened with all kinds of pressure, insomnia, anxiety, tension, haggard and so on. Many people are in sub-health state.
推按法:被推拿者脱下上衣外套和袜子,解除裤带,全身释放压力,侧卧床边,背部遮盖纯棉布单防止粘滑。求美者立在卧室床,先用右手掌根和鱼际在脊柱部以及两边,从上到下推压按揉至腰部,轻和重适当反复10多次止。再用两手大拇指沿脊柱、以锥体为次序从第一胸椎棘突刚开始,颇具延展性有节奏感的轻按,由上至腰部止,以一样方式 在脊柱两边1~2寸处开展按揉推压。贵阳夜生活网最新地址






  3、足底按摩可防癌排毒  科学证明,唾液有防癌作用。而按摩足底涌泉穴,唾液会源源不断涌出,病者一小口一小口慢慢咽下,对身体大有益处。另外,足底按摩结束后饮一杯冷开水以排毒。按医理:足疗促进血液循环,饮水后既补充水分,又增强废料毒素的排泄,肾脏功能得以改善,新陈代谢正常,人就显得轻快而正常。






  功 效 桑拿浴利用热空气作用于人体以后,体内产生一系列生理、生化、生物效应,可促进血液循环,加速新陈代谢,分解消耗过多的脂肪,改善全身各组织系统的功能,加快乳酸等代谢产物及体内有毒有害物质的排泄。贵阳夜生活网最新地址

用艾叶为主要原料制成的药艾条,通过熏灸等方法,可以治疗风寒湿痹、肌肉酸麻等病症香薰按摩 在节奏繁忙的现代都市中,男人背负着各种压力,失眠、焦虑、紧张、憔悴等接踵而至,不少人处于亚健康状态。